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Puritan & Co. Opens; the Kowloon Turns 62

Inman Square: Will Gilson opens his "urban farmhouse" Puritan & Co. this evening, bowing to New England classics like bone marrow gratin on duck fat brioche. Gulp. [Earlier]

South End: Roman trattoria Cinquecento officially opens tonight. [Earlier]

South End: And a few blocks away, Brian Poe's Southern spot, Estelle's, opens tomorrow. [Earlier]

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Giulia, Bringing Homemade Pasta to Porter Square, Opens Next Week

Hey, Porter Square denizens, if you're tired of waiting in line for ramen at Yumewokatare, consider this: Giulia, the new Italian spot from Via Matta ex-pat Michael Pagliarini, opens next week. We're told that they'll host some casual friends and family meals in the next few days, but expect free-flowing pasta starting on December 3 or shortly thereafter.

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Psy Gives His Blessing to Rogue ‘Gangnam Style’ Restaurant

Psy: Increasing the peacePhoto: Patrick McMullan

Soju Town, a stop for Korean bar food in Los Angeles, recently swapped its generic title for one that is so fleeting, it already feels dated. Of course, the restaurant recently renamed itself after Psy's "Gangnam Style," but never actually cleared the idea with Psy himself. Oops. Naturally, TMZ had to consult the singer on the matter, learning that he originally considered suing the place, but soon gave it up, most likely as he's confident his next song is going to be a much bigger hit. Or maybe, like a bow-tied Billy Elliot, he just wants to dance. In any case, "Gangnam Style" the Restaurant officially now exists. [TMZ]

Bao Bao at Doo Wee & Rice: Somerville's Best Bargain

Steak bao bao.Photo: Brian Lapseritis

So, this thing is amazing. Powderhouse Circle's newish Doo Wee & Rice, a Cordon Bleu graduate riffs on various Vietnamese and Chinese delicacies, noodles and rice plates, all for about the cost of a T ride. We stopped in a couple days ago for their bao baos: think warm steamed buns topped with nearly rare marinated slices of steak, a zigzag of chimichurri, white sauce, crispy shallots, and scallions. Top it off with a cup of their house chili sauce, if you're so inclined. Plates come two to an order, and at $5 total, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better or more filling deal. Next time we'll be back to try the fries topped with crispy chicken hearts. That's right, chicken hearts. [DWR]

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