Bao Bao at Doo Wee & Rice: Somerville's Best Bargain

Steak bao bao. Photo: Brian Lapseritis

So, this thing is amazing. Powderhouse Circle's newish Doo Wee & Rice, a Cordon Bleu graduate riffs on various Vietnamese and Chinese delicacies, noodles and rice plates, all for about the cost of a T ride. We stopped in a couple days ago for their bao baos: think warm steamed buns topped with nearly rare marinated slices of steak, a zigzag of chimichurri, white sauce, crispy shallots, and scallions. Top it off with a cup of their house chili sauce, if you're so inclined. Plates come two to an order, and at $5 total, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better or more filling deal. Next time we'll be back to try the fries topped with crispy chicken hearts. That's right, chicken hearts. [DWR]