Boston Is Home to the Only Tavern(s) With a Full Cask of Genever

Raising the bar.

Leave it to Jackson Cannon, the brilliant man behind Island Creek, Eastern Standard, and the Hawthorne: The New York Times reports that Cannon has gotten his mitts on a full cask of genever, directly from Holland, no easy feat. It was purloined from Lucas Bols, a long-standing Dutch company that had never sold genever by the cask before.

Get it while you can, in drinks like the Dutch Oven and the Nook: Cannon has a rare 183 liters of the gin-like liquor, which you might be able to sample at the Hawthorne's anniversary party on November 21. Oh, and the next spirit to grace his ever-innovative bar? Hopefully a private stock of Mezcal.

Ordering a Genever, By the Barrel [NYT]

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