Cereal Art Is Happening

"Shredded Wheat at Dusk." Photo: Ernie Button

Meet Ernie Button, the photographic love child of Georgia O'Keeffe and a bowl of Trix. The Arizona-based shutterbug has a new series called Cerealism, in which he captures ordinary grains of breakfast cereal set against extraordinary, even surrealistic backdrops, including a shot of an Apple Jack that looks like an aerodynamic tumor.

Button even makes bales of Shredded Wheat look romantic, like something from the windswept, tumbleweed-strewn American West. And just try not to stare for minutes on end at his arrangement of "Cheeramids." If only the Egyptians had easy access to General Mills, and if only we had easy access to Ernie Button's magically delicious special cereal!

For better or worse, it seems cereal-as-art is the wave of the future: Peruvian illustrator Guillermo Fajardo is also making headlines by creating "dramatic" creatures out of morning mascots. If you've ever wanted to see Cap'n Crunch with an enormous gut, graying teeth, and eyebrows that could puncture a small child, he's your guy!

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