Will Charlestown's Tavern on the Water Stay Afloat? [Updated]

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Sad post-Thanksgiving news: Charlestown's much-loved seasonal sipping spot Tavern on the Water won't reopen in the spring, says Adam's Hospitality via the Boston Business Journal. Maybe the Legendary Restaurant Group, who owns the spot, is busy with their other endeavors, which include Downtown Crossing's new Sip/Avery Provisions and Somerville's soon-to-open protein palace Burger Dive?

We've reached out to the Legendary Restaurant Group's rep for the details, but we do have a sinking feeling, based on this recent missive from a fan on their Facebook page: "Is your restaurant still open? Some of your local neighbors came over the other night before Thanksgiving and were disappointed to find the place totally dark."

But there's no official goodbye on their page (yet), so maybe, just maybe, it's all just one big misunderstanding?

Update: A rep tells us that the closure is confirmed: "It was a business decision based on the current expansion plans and the concept didn't fit with the rest of their portfolio. Therefore, they decided not to resign the lease but rather focus on the core group of brands they are expanding."

Charlestown Navy Yard's Tavern on the Water shuts down [BBJ]
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