The Western Hemisphere's Largest Wheel of Cheese Rolls into Boston

Hoisting the hulking cheese.

How lucky are we? Grub Street receives word that the Western Hemisphere's biggest wheel of cheese, a 400-pound Crucolo from Italy that stands as tall as a typical four-year-old child, will arrive at the Concord Cheese Shop on December 6. Christmas is coming early this year! This is keeping with tradition: Last year, a similarly fat fromage visited the charming Cheese Shop, which has an exclusive on all sorts of rare, far-flung, and husky cheeses. (Yup, it was also one of our most popular stories that month.) Read on for all of the lactose-unfriendly details.

The festivities begin promptly at 3:30 p.m., we're told, with a heroes welcome fit for a ... rare cheese. It will arrive in an old-fashioned horse drawn cart and enjoy a serenade from an Italian chorale group. We're also told that Concord Academy's spirited Crucolo Dancers will prance alongside the cart while "brandishing large chunks of cheese." It's part of a diverse prep-school education! And do we really need to tell you that free, cheese-based food will be provided?

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