East Arlington Becomes a Uniquely Gluten-Free Haven

Sweet. Photo: Something Sweet Without Wheat

Conveniently coinciding with the downfall of Twinkies, a message sent to our Twitter account, also appearing on the Arlington Patch, indicates that a first-of-its-kind, gluten-free and wheat-free bakery is about to open in East Arlington on the Cambridge line. Something Sweet Without Wheat should open on December 1 at 169 Mass Ave., in the old Barisimo space.

The Arlington Patch says that the bakery used to be run from a commercial kitchen in Woburn, with the wheatless treats sold wholesale to local markets. This is the bakery's first retail shop. Patch says the wares are also 95 percent dairy free and "contain no tree nuts, except coconut." Hmm. This could be a (somewhat) healthier alternative to the succulent but oh-so-naughty Quedabra Bakery. [Patch]