Watch Will Gilson and Louis DiBiccari Discuss Deranged Zoo Animals and Pop-Ups on Luke O'Neil's New Show

Luke O'Neil, TV host.

Cocktail scribe Luke O'Neil's TV pilot is now available for viewing. His first guests? Will Gilson and Louis DiBiccari. "Ever since I worked at Oleana ... I've been trying to open up in Inman Square," says Gilson, whose Puritan & Co. opens there this week. Meanwhile, DiBiccari says he's not into the term "pop-up" for his democratic-menu'd Chef Louie Nights, though preparing for them does require running around like a "deranged zoo animal" getting ingredients.

Other highlights: the chefs' mild bafflement over the sudden ramen craze (we're with you there) and their love of roast chicken. O'Neil taped this episode at the always lovely Saloon. Check it out right here. [Facebook/Carousel]

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