Local Chefs Defend Guy Fieri

Maybe he should consider Faneuil Hall?

What if you had a huge show on the Food Network? And then opened a restaurant in Times Square? And then it went on to receive a horrible review in the New York Times? But then a bunch of people jumped in to defend you? Well, that's what happened here in Boston with Guy Fieri! Per the Globe, our chefs like him a lot more than critic Pete Wells likes his food.

Jim Iannuzzi, who owns Italian Express Pizzeria in East Boston, says that when Fieri visited his restaurant for Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, he was the "real deal." Paul Malvone from Boston Burger Company adds: “He hasn’t gotten as far as he can because he has nice hair or a good personality. From working with him and being in the kitchen with him, he definitely knows what he’s doing.”

This is all is very nice and diplomatic, but have they tried his donkey sauce?

Don’t flame Guy Fieri, local restaurateurs say [Globe]

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