The Hawthorne Celebrates Year One of Classy Drinking


It's hard to believe that the Hawthorne is already a year old. The place feels like an institution by now (of course, it doesn't hurt that it's sandwiched between Island Creek and Eastern Standard, and run by the same talented people). To celebrate, they're throwing an anniversary soiree on November 21 with menu items that highlight everything they're thankful for, including Phil Collins (of course) and local rum, with proceeds going to food-rescue organization Lovin' Spoonfuls. Sound like fun? If you want in, read on for the menu and details.

The Hawthorne's Anniversary Menu

The Hawthorne Gives Thanks To…
1. Lovin’ Spoonfuls
Ashley Stanley helping those less fortunate to be nourished in times of need.
A selection of passed and stationary items from our food menu

2. Local Rum
Bully Boy's beautiful mixing spirit from just off of Mass Ave offers us a glimpse into the history of our city as a former rum capital in colonial times.
Daiquiri Time Outs with Peychaud's Bitters

3. Great Cheese
Formaggio Kitchen travels to the corners of the globe so we don’t have to!
Enjoy a full spread of Formaggio’s finest cheeses and chat with one of their experts about the province of these delights.

4. Single Barrel Genever
A toast to the Lucas Bols family for letting us select our distinctive house spirit. For the first time in their 400 year history, the rickhouse was opened to an outsider and Jackson has brought back this rare spirit.
The Dutch Oven - aged genever old fashioned

5. "Former" Wine Director Andrew Deitz
For championing the greatest wine and spirit makers and connecting like-minded enthusiast all over the city.
Andrew’s wine list for the evening will include boutique offerings of red, white and champagne from the MS Walker portfolio.

6. Sibling Success
ES wins Best High Volume Cocktail Bar at the coveted Spirit Awards and ICOB continues to impress winning Best of Boston and Trip Advisor’s highest rating in the city.
ES Whiskey Smash and ICOB Pilsner ON DRAFT!

7. Alison and Stephen Sheffield
For giving us this amazing space - inspiring art, elegant couches and the comforts of home. A toast to them with their favorite cocktails…
Hers - Air Mail, His - The Charles Lindbergh

8. Music-Inspired Drink Names
We like fun, what can we say? You might be having a Phil Collins while listening to Phil Collins. Dreams do come true.
Phil Collins, Paper Plane and Call Me Maybe!

9. Cocktail Macarons
Everyone loves cocktails, everyone loves dessert. You don’t have to choose because Pastry Chef Lauren Kroesser has included all the most popular cocktails in her French cookie arsenal.
Dark n Stormy, Old Fashion and of course Miami Vice!

Tickets to the party, which starts at 6 p.m., can be yours right here. Cheers, guys.

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