A Hot 'n Heavy Romance: Woman Splashes Love Rival With Frying Oil

Out of the frying pan. Photo: Eating Made Easy

What happened to the good old days of hair-pulling and face-slapping? A Lawrence woman will spend a year in jail for throwing hot cooking oil into the face of another woman she thought was having an affair with her boyfriend, the AP reports. In fairness, the oil-thrower had 20 years on her romantic rival, so she needed to get creative.

Enraged 45-year-old Judith Medina tossed oil at 22-year-old Maria Mejia during an argument at Medina’s boyfriend’s apartment; the hapless Mejia was frying plantains at the time. Sounds like a charming scene of domestic bliss! The boyfriend, for his part, insists Mejia was just a friend helping his daughter pack for a trip, and who clearly felt comfortable enough to whip up some crunchy snacks in between folding. At least it wasn't a hot french fry.

Lawrence Woman Gets Jail Time for Hot Oil Attack [AP]