Mario Batali Pizzeria Is Boston-Bound (‘Wheeeeeeee!’)

Batali poses at his Otto, not the other Boston Otto. Photo: Melissa Hom

So Mario Batali replied to a queston on Twitter over the weekend that he's opening a pizzeria in Boston, or, to quote him directly, "Very soon !! Babbopizzeria! Wheeeeeeeeee!" Eater Boston says an "industry source" suggests a Seaport or Fort Point location. This fits with the whole "mystery celebrity chef opening a new restaurant in Fort Point" thing, though he's probably not the same mystery celebrity chef who plans to open a French restaurant in the neighborhood.

Will his Otto and our Otto go head to head, like on Twitter? (He's previously called the Portland-based pizzeria, now in Boston, "d-bags and thieves.")

Exciting-exciting, and as ever, stay tuned for more news, which we'll track down just as soon as we finish scrolling through his extraordinarily prolific Twitter feed. [Twitter/MarioBatali]