Irate Papa John's Employee Cuffed Outside Parlor Sports

Danger. Photo: Mary-Louise Price

While Papa John's CEO John Schnatter is busy ranting about Obamacare and his minions are sending late-night texts to hapless customers, local employees are also busy causing mayhem by spitting, chest-thumping, and mowing down innocent pedestrians.

The Somerville Patch reports that an employee of Papa John's, driving a car with a Papa John's sign on it, tried to run down a pedestrian at a crosswalk outside Parlor Sports in Inman Square. Driver Junior Dornevil "stopped his green Honda Civic, got out, chest bumped, pushed and spat on the victim," and then raced his car toward him. Good Samaritans inside Parlor Sports abandoned their beverages to aid the victim; Dornevil was later cuffed and reportedly exclaimed, "I ain't talking to them white cops!" whom he accused of being racist. He was arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, and disorderly conduct. No word on whether he was in the process of actually delivering someone's food at the time.

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