Did Pigalle Unleash an Expletive-Laden Rant on an Angry Customer?

Who's to blame? Photo: istockphoto

Oh dear. Pigalle seems to be the latest restaurant that's taken to social media to defend themselves from critics, and it's a case study in why this just shouldn't happen. Ever. At all. Even when your pie is accused of being vomit-worthy. In fact, we just tried to log onto Pigalle's Facebook page, and it seems to be disabled ... that's how bad it is. Luckily, We Love Beantown captured the whole fracas and posted screen shots to their website. Essentially, a disgruntled customer named "Sandy" stated that her pumpkin pie, in the immortal words of so many food writers before her, "literally tasted like vomit." And Pigalle was not pleased.

An enraged soul from the restaurant responded on Facebook with the following eloquence: "Hey Sandy, go fuck yourself!" They later posted this tasty update: "It is hard to believe that in this day and age there are still uneducated, unintelligent, unpolished people that still go out to eat, but there are, and this woman proves my point." Someone later posted with the same Pigalle handle: "Judging by how fat your face looks, you most likely shouldn't be eating any more desserts anyway."

Indeed, restaurant-going remains a provenance of the unwashed masses, especially fat-faced pie provocateurs. Meanwhile, is the person running Pigalle's Facebook page 13 years old? Like we said, Pigalle's page seems to be MIA this morning, so thanks to We Love Beantown for capturing the whole brouhaha on their site and making us spew coffee across our keyboard first thing this morning.

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