New Romney Ad Blames Obama for Barbecue Restaurant Closure

Thanks a lot, Obama! Photo: BBQ Geek

In a last-ditch attempt to appear human, Mitt Romney has exploited found a shuttering barbecue restaurant and managed to pin the blame for their downfall on President Obama. In a hard-hitting video, Bill's Barbecue president Rhoda Elliott tells the sad story of the Richmond institution's closure, pinning the blame on Obama's inattention to small businesses. "Bill's Barbecue couldn't take four years under President Obama. Can we afford four more?" the video demands. It's a tear-jerker. The video pans across empty booths, a barren countertop, and a vacant parking lot. The camera even lingers over a sad-looking pie.

In fairness, in a separate interview with a local newspaper, owners blamed the high cost of upgrading operations for the closure, and customers noticed that business had dwindled. "I wish more people had come here. It's sad. It's the barbeque spot in Richmond," said one loyalist.

A quick skim of Yelp! also reveals that this might not be all Obama's fault. Patrons noted "curt" service, "crap" chopped pork, "decrepit" decor, "odd" flavors, and "fake" onion rings. "You're either on your way to a nursing home or to rehab" if you eat here, one sourpuss noted.

If Obama couldn't save a past-its-prime BBQ shack, is there hope for the rest of us? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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