Lydia Shire Could Have Been the White House Chef


It's a sad day for the GOP here in Massachusetts, and it's an even sadder day for Lydia Shire: The Herald says that Mitt Romney once promised her a stint as White House chef. "When Romney was governor I used to make his birthday cakes...In fact, I have a letter from him saying that if he ever became president, I could be the White House chef. I gotta dig that out," she told the paper outside the would-be president's somber Seaport soiree. That ship has probably sailed, LS.

Sadly, the food wasn't even up to Shire standards: As predicted, the paper reports that mopey guests ate burgers, cheese, and crackers. We're guessing there was a very long line for the (cash) bar, too.

Mitt Romney’s Grand Old Party Plans Fall Flat [Herald]

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