Would You Buy the Upper Crust?

The Upper Crust goes bust.

Well, would you? Apparently it's the thing to do. The suffering chain has struck the fancy of about 40 potential bidders, reports the Boston Globe. Oh, but the best part? Original founder Jordan Tobins, who has been under investigation for all sorts of things, including death threats, wants to buy it back with "new partners." (The old ones were accused of using company money to buy yachts and stuff.)

As the Globe notes, the chain filed for bankruptcy protection in October after defaulting on its loan. The company said it owes at least $3.4 million to creditors, and the US Department of Labor said the business owes another $850,000 in back wages and damages for violating minimum wage and overtime laws.

So who wants in?

More than 40 potential bidders have expressed interest in buying Upper Crust, the bankrupt pizza chain [Globe]
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