Of Course the Upper Crust Did Something Shady With Groupons

Selling out.

Pretty soon the Upper Crust will just go away and we can stop writing about it, but until that day comes, there's this: Groupons! Independently-owned branches of the Upper Crust, which aren't directly affiliated with the scandal-addled corporate headquarters, say that the pizza chain’s owners sold thousands of discount vouchers on Groupon without their knowledge, keeping the proceeds, and then filing for bankruptcy protection. How characteristically ethical!

This sad post appeared on the West Roxbury branch's Facebook feed yesterday:

"The owners of the [Upper Crust] ran a second round of Groupon coupons without our knowledge and consent, and then willfully kept the proceeds of all of the coupons that were sold ... This has left us in a deficit of approximately $23,000 in product for Groupons that we have already redeemed. For this reason, we obviously cannot accept any more Groupons and customers with coupons can call the customer support office ... and receive a refund.”

The Globe reports that several franchise owners learned of the Upper Crust's woes by reading the newspaper. As for us, well, we really hope that this is the last time we read about the Upper Crust, ever.

Independently-operated Upper Crust shops say pizza chain’s owners cut voucher deal that cost them thousands of dollars [Globe]
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