Wahlberg Brothers Sue Burger Business Partner for Being an Idiot

Needs a meeting with H.R. Photo: Getty Images

Mark Wahlberg apparently chooses his movie roles better than his business partners: The Boston Globe reports that he's sued Edward St. Croix, who managed the family's Boston-area burger restaurant, Wahlburgers. The lawsuit alleges that St. Croix is essentially the biggest moron in the world: He did an "abysmal” job and “failed to meet even the most basic duties as business manager.”

St. Croix is reportedly "incompetent and unqualified” to handle issues related to bookkeeping, obtaining licenses and permits, and raising capital — and he even diverted money to another restaurant he wants to open, asserts the suit. The Wahlberg brothers (proactively) allege that his buffoonery will make it hard for them to pay taxes.

Not long ago, Wahlburger's CEO Rick Vanzuro was found slumped over his steering wheel in a drunken stupor. Basically, we're guessing that the rumored Wahlburger's expansion might not happen on schedule.

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