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Watch the Trailer for A Film About Coffee

"There's so much about coffee that we don't understand," says a subject filmed for A Film About Coffee, a forthcoming documentary from Brandon Loper, a San Francisco–based director. From the looks of things, Loper talked to the experts, obsessives, and some philosopher-baristas on his way to understanding the forces that shape coffee culture around the world. Here's his behind-the-scenes production blog, and check out the teaser trailer, straight ahead.

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British Restaurant Offers Dim Sum With a Side of Condoms

Seal the deal at their safe-sex lounge.Photo: Daily Mail

Here's one restaurant Kate Middleton probably won't frequent once she recovers from morning sickness hyperemesis gravidarum: Cabbages and Condoms. The Oxford restaurant has the distinction of being the first in the U.K. to offer "leaflets on protective sex when your meal ends," plus other safe-sex-themed goods. The restaurant, a chainlet that's really big in Thailand, reminds customers that "our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy" and that purchasing condoms should be as routine as, you know, buying cabbage. After wooing over "fascinating" dim sum and "wonderfully herbaceous" shrimp soup, diners can linger over condom-themed mugs, keyrings, and books, purchases that might seem presumptuous before a third or so date. It still sounds better than Modern Toilet restaurant. [Daily Mail, Earlier]

Your Tap Water Might Be Giving You Food Allergies

Noooo. First peanuts, then gluten, and now tap water is killing us, too. According to research from New York's Albert Einstein College of Medicine, pesticides lurking in our perfectly tasty, really rather cheap tap water can be linked to food and environmental allergies that might cause tongue-tingling, hives, and even death. Oh, and there's nothing you can do about it.

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TCBY Is Back, Y'All

Hey, remember TCBY, the 1990s-era chain that made frozen yogurt cool and then seemed to melt into obscurity, only to be replaced by Pinkberry, Berryline, and Tasti D-Lite? Well, it's back! The Globe reports that the chain, apparently seizing on the renewed popularity of faux- and fro-yo, will begin opening new shops here in March.

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For Sale: House With a Built-in Restaurant

Can't dine and dash here.Photo: CL

What to get for the food-lover on your list who already has everything? How about a four-bedroom home with an in-house bar and restaurant, described as "trendy" by the discerning real-estate mavens on Craigslist? The house itself has a "beautiful large kitchen with custom made oak cabinets." And on the lower level is the aforementioned "trendy" restaurant, which is rented out for $3,000 per month and, judging by the photo, currently doubles as a dive bar.

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Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Spotted Pig’ Is a Project With David Beckham

Really, we can't wait.Photo: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Make it stop: Just before taking the field for his final game with the L.A. Galaxy, David Beckham was quoted as saying his next career moves involve business plans with Gordon Ramsay, including a restaurant. "It will be a business thing but owning a restaurant is going to be fun as well," Beckham told the Sun. When we last heard about Ramsay's business plans, of course, they included a preemptive U.K. trademark filing for the name of the Spotted Pig, the New York restaurant owned by Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield. There's been speculation that Ramsay moved to trademark the name of a restaurant he does not own to snipe at onetime sparring partner Mario Batali, a Spotted Pig investor, but we're pretty sure the Gordo-Becks project is the Spotted Pig U.K., or some such attempt. Here's why.

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Video: JM Curley Wants You to Drink 40 Ounces of Malt Liquor and Eat a 40-Ounce Burger in 40 Minutes

'Tis the season for 40 ounces.

JM Curley has a special invitation for you this holiday season: Why not consume 40 ounces of malt liquor, a 40-ounce burger, and 40 ounces of fries within 40 minutes? Watch their Lifetime-movie-of-the-week-meets-Anthony-Bourdain-on-a-bender video straight ahead. It's a fine enticement complete with fries bouncing in midair and an announcer who sounds like Chuck Woolery in his prime! Winners get nothing, but losers—those mere mortals who can't hoover 120 ounces of booze and beef within 40 minutes—have to pony up $40. JM Curley will donate the profits to a local hunger-relief charity and hopefully supply patrons with cool compresses and an FDA-approved cleanse. Watch and drool.

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