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Make That 10 Horses

Davis Square's Five Horses Tavern will indeed gallop into the South End. They'll open a new branch where the Columbus Cafe once stood, Eater reports and Boston Restaurant Talk confirms. We've not been to the Davis branch, which opened in 2011; how is it? We see they have something called a "pea diddy" salad. [EB, BRT]

Novak Djokovic Now Controls the World’s Supply of Precious Donkey Cheese

Feta wouldn't do.Photo: Julian Finney/Getty Images

Possibly in order to stand out from the rest of the Belgrade restaurant scene, Serbian professional tennis player Novak Djokovic has reportedly purchased the entire world's supply of donkey cheese known as Pule. Otherwise known as the most expensive cheese in the world, Pule retails for up to $1,350 per kilogram and only comes from one place, that is, the good donkeys of the Zasavica reserve in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia. Djokovic, who also has a stake in a family-run Novak Cafe & Restaurant (they're looking for franchisees!), will serve the low-fat, high-protein Pule at his restaurants.

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A Night at Brian Poe's New Place, Estelle's

Photo: Brian J. Lapseritis

East Coast Grill alum Eric Gburski and the Tip Tap Room's Brian Poe opened Estelle's in the South End last week, and we dropped by to check things out. What we found: a comfy neighborhood restaurant serving up spicy deviled eggs, hulking fried chicken, and hushpuppies stuffed with bacon. In other words: We'll return (though we'll probably go on a crash diet in advance). Check out some highlights, straight ahead.

Bloody Hell: London Might Outlaw Rare Burgers

An endangered species?

We can't believe we're typing these words, but London's Westminster City Council wants to crack down on restaurants serving rare and medium-rare burgers. The London Evening Standard reports that authorities have even enlisted the United Kingdom's top expert on E. coli (really), Professor Hugh Pennington, to advise on the lethality of rare meat — and things look grim.

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Oaky: Robert Parker Leaves The Wine Advocate

Why is this man smiling?

The Wall Street Journal reports that Robert M. Parker, who popularized his now-ubiquitous 100-point rating system and changed the nature of the wine business, is stepping down from his role as editor-in-chief at The Wine Advocate, the vastly influential wine-review publication he started in 1978 with a $2,000 loan from his mom and a few mimeographed copies. The publication has grown to 50,000 subscribers over the years and now occupies a central position in the global wine trade.

The new owners are three entrepreneurs in Singapore. »

California Women Called ‘Fat Girls’ on Restaurant Receipt

Three women looking to square away their tab last Thursday night at a place called Chilly D's inside the Cameo Club Casino in Stockton, California, were shocked to discover that the restaurant's bartender had rung them up as "FAT GIRLS." If you've been tallying all the xenophobic and racist receipts issued to customers at restaurants over the last year, perhaps this latest form of fast-casual hate speech doesn't bother you much. But consider this: After the women discovered the words "FAT GIRLS" on their check, they approached a manager, who offered no genuine apology, but instead initially just a 25 percent discount. They had to talk him up to 50 percent

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Swanky Grill 23 Launches Limited-Edition Holiday Lunches Today

Stairway to heaven.

Locke-Ober might be long gone and Downtown Crossing might be in all sorts of transition, but at least one bastion of shameless holiday revelry lives on: Grill 23. They launch their limited-time lunches today in tres-swank surroundings complete with 150 trees that take more than 100 hours to decorate. Oh yes, and the food: See the $39 menu straight ahead, then call your mom and ask her to take you to lunch.

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Toro Celebrates Seventh Birthday With a Pop-Up

Happy birthday, Toro.

Remember the Staff Meal pop-up that we told you about last week? At Toro? Well, it's actually in celebration of the ascendant restaurant's seventh birthday. So much delicious meat in one place!

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Watch Jamie Foxx Play an Angry Ding Dong

The uproar over Hostess closing has mostly been focused on the loss of Twinkies, despite the fact that the company made lots of other things. Someone at Saturday Night Live must have noticed, because this weekend's host Jamie Foxx showed up for a "Weekend Update" segment dressed as a Ding Dong that was tired of being forgotten about.

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