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Eat Like a Viking in the Dead of Winter, Wear a Viking Helmet

Here's a reason to emerge from your post-holiday stupor and maybe even put on pants: Trolls! No, not the angry waitress at your local diner—actual trolls. Scandinavian gnomes, too. Are you intrigued yet? Gorge upon fish, oats, grains, oysters, game, lamb, ham, turkey, cheese, overwintered fruits and roots at a Scandinavian "Once in Valhalla" 10-course feast at Somerville's Center for Arts at the Armory on January 25. It does sound rather epic, and helmets are involved.

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Watch a Guy Make the Downton Abbey House in Gingerbread Form

A guy with a lot of time on his hands has erected a gingerbread replica of the Yorkshire country estate in Downton Abbey. The time-lapse video shows how he meticulously cuts and bakes the dough, frosts it, hooks up lighting, and, oh God, it's exhausting just typing this (does he have a day job?). The finished product is impressive — a period piece, really. Now, where's the edible Lady Mary?

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Just in Time for Christmas: A Bacon Yule Log Video

Applegate Farms made a video of bacon crackling over a picturesque fireplace — an emotionally manipulative, if effective, marketing move. No matter how you feel about bacon, firing up the 31-minute video on Christmas morning is a nice way to ensure everyone unwrapping presents also gets a case of the meat sweats.

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Legal Harborside Introduces $150 Lobster to Honor Your Imminent Demise

Goodbye, cruel world.

We have seen lots of Mayan "end of the world" promotions trickle in lately, but this one is probably the ballsiest: Legal Harborside, the Legal Sea Foods flagship, is trotting out a foie-gras-stuffed lobster for a mere $150. Because, really, what do you need money for in Hell?

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There's Good Sushi in Southie?

Ready your Tivo: A&E Network's "Seaport Southie Rules" debuts next month. Per the network, it "introduces a proud native South Boston family that is battling the relentless gentrification of their neighborhood that's been overrun with yuppies, sushi restaurants and $5 cups of coffee." It premieres on January 29. [AETV]

Ribelle, Tim Maslow's New Place in Brookline, Should Open in March


Marc Hurwitz at Boston Restaurant Talk tells us something good: Ribelle, the new spot from Tim Maslow of Strip-T's, is slated to open in March. And someone's had a look at the menu!

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Grubstreet Sweeps

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