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Looks Like Po'Boys in Newton Is Open

Hey, 'member that po'boy shop we mentioned here last month? Well, it's on Crafts Street in Newton, and it's called Po'Boys, and it's open!

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But, But, It's Only Because We Like You?

Strip-T's Tim Maslow isn't delighted that people have been trying to get insider info about the menu at his upcoming Brookline place, Ribelle's. Yesterday menu speculation surfaced on several food sites, ours included, and Maslow fired back with a Tweet: "Trolling the selectman hearing for menus and info it just gross. The menu is fake. Please let us plan instead of speculating. Thank you." Today he Tweets that the actual concept is "upscale Old Country buffet." Well, what's worse than people speculating about what you'll serve at your incredibly anticipated-hyped restaurant? Nobody speculating? [Twitter/StriptsTM]

Top Chef Seattle Recap: David Rees on Beautiful Berries and Shredded Jeans

Padma doesn't do pink.Photo: Bravo

On the last Top Chef before the Feast of St. Christmas, we find Josh moaning about his shattered reputation as a pork expert. He vows to never cook pork again. Pigs across the country breathe an oink of relief, then go back to rolling around in their own fecal matter.

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Grub Guide: Great Places We Ate at This Year That Never Get Any Press Because They Probably Don't Have P.R. People

Bivalves at Jeveli's in East Boston.

We eat out a lot. We have wonderful meals, and foul meals, and overdone meals, and sublime meals. And many of our favorite meals this year came from places that just don't get a ton of ink, not for lack of deliciousness but just because they're shoestring operations trying to churn out awesome food on a budget. We're not knocking the big places: We've had some splendid meals there, too (still dreaming of bone marrow at Craigie on Main). But, in this flurry of top ten lists and must-eats and best plates of 2012 round-up-o-ramas, well, we want to give a shout-out to the littler guys.

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Watch These Adorable Old People Try to Get Through Their Lines in This Truck Stop Commercial

This older man and lady having lunch at Dysart's Restaurant in Bangor, Maine, are having a bit of a hard time saying their chicken potpie is "baked in a buttery, flaky crust" during the filming of a commercial for the place. They keep trying anyhow, though, which really just makes them the best.

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Sloshed: The Pro-Am Guide to New Year’s Eve Drinking

Don't be this guy.Photo: Bettmann/CORBIS

New Year's Eve is our one mandatory holiday — you must celebrate. Try telling people you're staying in on December 31 and you will see them go through stages of confusion, disbelief, moral outrage, and activism that will end with them making plans for you. But while the idea of everyone being out is fun in theory, it's sloppy in practice. Seasoned party veterans mingle with nightlife n00bs, and nobody can get a drink because every bartender in America is in the weeds. This has to stop.

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Grubstreet Sweeps

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