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Canadian Prison Pizza Parties Are Now Banned

Hold the pepperoni, and everything else.

In September, Canadian Public Safety Minister Vic Toews put an end to years of sanctioned fast-food parties held for inmates when he issued a directive condemning them. The practice was widespread in prisons across Canada for many years and doubled as a food drive for groups like Doctors Without Borders. Under the program, inmates used their own money to order outside food, while food drives took place on the outside. "Canadians were concerned that dangerous and violent prisoners had across the board access to pizza parties and BBQ socials," a spokesperson for the government tells the CBC. Greg McMaster, a convicted murderer who has spent 34 years of a life sentence in jail, says his fellow inmates raised $50,000. "If someone's in an outrage that I enjoy a piece of KFC twice a year," he told the CBC, "I would say their priorities may be a little askew." [CBC]

Michael Schlow Says Sinclair's Kitchen Will Open Soon

Chef Schlow Tweets a photo of tastings currently underway at Harvard Square's new music venue/restaurant, the Sinclair, where he's overseeing the menu. It had been delayed a few times, and is now open on a limited basis (for shows), but it seems that things are moving along at last. We're not sure what this is a photo of, exactly, but it looks good. "@chefmarcy (Marcelius Coleman) food is rockin' so far!" Schlow gushes. [Twitter/MichaelSchlow]

Twelve Interesting Christmas Food Traditions From Around the World

Did you know that KFC is now a huge Christmas thing in Japan thanks to a 1970s ad campaign?Photo: .tamoteru./Flickr

In America, we have our sugar cookies, our rib roasts, and our candy canes. The French have bûche de Noël. In Italy, there's panettone and the Feast of the Seven Fishes. But you may not be as aware of these other festive traditions from around the world. Like, for instance, the potato, cheese, and anchovy casserole known as Jansson's Temptation that's a traditional part of the Julbord (Christmas smörgåsbord) in Sweden? See a dozen of our favorites below.

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Tatte Bakery Is on the Rise

Eater says that Tatte is closing in on their third location, a retail shop-slash-bakery on Broadway near Kendall Square (they have another location in Brookline, and one nearby also in Kendall). Tatte also has a deal with Williams-Sonoma; right now they're on the prowl for a General Manager for the new space. They describe themselves as a "fast-growing company" in the ad, so we're predicting tons of new Tattes to come. [EB, CL]

Louisville Man Sues Maker’s Mark Bourbon House for Alleged Racism

Maker's Mark Bourbon House in Lousiville.

Andre Mulligan and his brother met with representatives at the Maker's Mark Bourbon House and Lounge in Louisville last August in order to book a party for the following day. "During the meeting," Mulligan alleges in a complaint filed this week in Jefferson County Court, "the officials from Maker's Mark demanded to know the ratio of 'black people' to 'white people' attending the event." When Mulligan told them the party would be "100 percent African American," management allegedly replied that the restaurant would not host the event. When his party showed up at the restaurant the following night, they were turned away at the door. Mulligan is now suing the restaurant's operators for costs and punitive damages for violating the Kentucky Civil Rights Act.

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Oh Baby: Hungry Mother Is Expanding

Nookie's not the only one with a Jewish deli in the works: The folks at Hungry Mother are planning to open one a One Kendall Square, the Globe and the Boston Business Journal each report. It'll be a "high-quality" deli, the BBJ reports, with HM chef/authentic-Southern-food crusader Barry Maiden overseeing this kitchen too. But don't get too excited yet.

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Katt Williams Causes Trouble at Subway While Suge Knight Gets a Manicure

Repeat offender Katt Williams was detained by LAPD in front of a West Hollywood Subway last night in response to an alleged disturbance at the foot-long purveyor. Much to the reassurance of public safety, the cops later released the comedian, handing him back his marijuana and a .45 caliber pistol after determining that he was only loitering while his manager, Suge Knight, got a manicure next door. For their troubles, a Subway employee brought the twosome free sandwiches and denied any incident took place. [TMZ]

Guy Fieri Is Now Dr. Guy Fieri

He will school you.Photo: Corbis, Getty Images

The Donkey Sauce titan and Food Network personality was given an honorary doctorate on Tuesday by his alma mater, UNLV. The school thanked Fieri for his public service and continued support of its hotel college's fund-raising efforts. "[T]here is no place better in the world to get a hospitality degree than UNLV," the chef said during commencement. "It allowed me to get the mental game it takes to win in the big leagues." Now that he's got multiple TV shows, a successful restaurant chain, and many cookbooks under his belt, let's hope that Fieri will move on to teaching, because he'd obviously be the best professor in the world. He'd wear Hush Puppies with a suit and bring gyozas with Bleu-Sabi sauce to class. He'd carefully hear out all of your problems and then maybe hit on your sister. [UNLV via Eater]

The Washington Post Discovers Somerville, Sort Of

There's a food revolution going on in Somerville, says the Washington Post. (Maybe they saw our slideshow last week?) Anyway, their focus is on Taza chocolates, where here they "pop up on menus all around: with wine dinners, in pancakes, hot drinks, ice cream, brownies, pies, even a flourless salted caramel mousse. The rumor among food bloggers is that Taza inspired, or is making, Trader Joe’s new stone-milled extra-dark and salt-and-pepper dark wheels." Oh really?

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Watch This Outback Steakhouse Ad With Scary, Singing Leftovers

If you've ever opened your refrigerator door and found yourself, minutes later, deep in conversation about Sartre with a dish of beef stroganoff or slab of fennel gratin, don't watch this video — it will probably hurt your feelings. For everyone else, the idea here is that holiday-meal leftovers are creepy, so instead of eating them, let them fester until they develop perfect pitch and start singing Christmas songs. Then go to Outback Steakhouse and eat there. After all, Bloomin Onions don't cry out when you pull them apart limb from limb.

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