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But Hopefully He Didn't Eat Any

The ailing Mayor Menino was released from Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in time for Christmas, CBS reports. The anti-soda mayor, newly diagnosed with type-two diabetes, was even spotted handing out chocolate lollipops on his way home. [CBS, Earlier]

2012: The Year in Made-up Food Words

White Alba truffles: Cloudy, with a definite chance of flurries.Photo: FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/Getty

Last week, the Food Section took the appropriate steps to make sure no one forgets about butt-chugging and pink slime in 2013 with its roundup of this year's stand-out neologisms and other food terms, which got us thinking: It's been an exceptional year for food words. The Times gave broader circulation (and immortality) to the words "Donkey Sauce" and "bleu-sabi" when it published its now-famous negative-star review of Guy's American Kitchen last month, so much that Pete Wells might as well have chiseled the Guy Fieri's menu onto a solid gold record and launched it, with a message from the U.N.'s secretary-general, into deep space, à la Voyager 1. While butt-chugging and Donkey Sauce were getting all the play, no one noticed that sriracha made it into the Oxford English Dictionary.

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Damage Control: What You Should Be Binge-Eating When You’re Drunk at Three in the Morning

Smile, you're preventing a hangover.Photo: Corbis

Everyone's been there: It's 3 a.m. and you're stumbling around smelling like booze and bad choices. Well done. But now you're starving and your decision-making skills are in rough shape (especially if it's New Year's Eve). The idea that a greasebomb meal will completely prevent tomorrow's inevitable hangover is, sadly, a myth. But we talked to a bunch of professional nutritionists to see what someone can actually eat if they don't want to cause too much more damage and hope to soften the blow the next morning. And don't worry: The advice isn't all wheatgrass and beet juice. Even the pros know that late-night binge-eating should be satisfying.

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The Casablanca Is Finally, Actually Closed

The moody subterranean lair where Warhol superstar Edie Sedgwick once held court, and where we once had a very nice piece of lamb, has finally closed its doors after several months of farewells. Boston Restaurant Talk confirms that the Harvard Square restaurant, which opened in 1955, served its last meal on December 21. We reported a while back on rumors that Dante deMagistris might take over the space, but we hear that this is no longer happening, either.

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It's Time to Get Fully Committed in Watertown

Now that you've survived the holiday, well, why not cackle over the holiday misfortunes of others? Check out Fully Committed at Watertown's Arsenal Center: It stars Sam, an "actor-slash-reservation clerk at a 4-star Manhattan restaurant" who is just trying to get home to the Midwest for the holidays. While simultaneously being badgered by the high-maintenance chef, the poor chap deals with "uppity demanding New Yorkers including Diane Sawyer, Naomi Campbell’s assistant, Sherry Lansing’s secretary at Paramount Pictures, East Side socialites, and suspected members of the mafia. Sam turns the tables of rejection and resorts to accepting bribes in order to give good table." We can't imagine what restaurant this could possibly be based on! Who would do such a thing?

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Grubstreet Sweeps

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