Six Succulent Ways Dining in Boston Changed in 2012

A bottomless bowl.

All the Grub Street cities are taking a look at how the world of food changed in 2012 in their respective metropoli. From some of our favorite chefs opening their second restaurants to the food trend that just wouldn't die, it's been a busy year to say the least. Check out our colleagues' lists throughout the day to see what life tastes like in other parts of Foodlandia, too. Like Chicago, for example!

Everyone went mad for ramen: People had nervous breakdowns over not getting Guchi Midnight Ramen pop-up tickets. People waited in line for hours (and still do!) to slurp up porky broth at Yume Wo Katare. Even Ken Oringer got in on the act with late-night ramen offerings at Uni.

Historic Spaces Got Makeovers: The Oak Room became Oak Long Bar + Kitchen. Locke-Ober got bought by the Mike's City Diner people, who plan to give it an overhaul. Next month-ish, twisty steakhouse Boston Chops will move into the gorgeous-former-bank Banq space.

Oysters and Oyster Bars, Everywhere: They're the must-have for every on-trend restaurant! (We're partial to the one at the new Puritan & Co.) Even Todd English has hopped aboard the oyster train! Todd English!

The Seaport Kept Exploding: It's like the neighborhood version of The Expendables: Lots of big-budget chain spots that cater to the hungry masses peppered with some long-in-the-tooth places. Even Mario Batali is coming to town! Pleasant enough if dining out is a rare treat, but not a cozy experience you'd repeat over and over.

And So Does Kendall Square: The colonization of Kendall continues! Hungry Mother's moving in, and so is Bon Me. Everyone loves West Bridge and Belly. And don't forget the aptly-named Catalyst!

Great Chefs Are Opening Second Restaurants: Jeff Fournier has 51 Lincoln and now Waban Kitchen. TW Food's Tim Wiechmann will open Bronwyn early next year, and Bondir's Jason Bond is heading out to Concord. Ana Sortun will open a lower-priced restaurant in Somerville to complement Oleana, and no less a personage than Ming Tsai will open Blue Dragon in Fort Point in the upcoming months. Meanwhile, Jason Santos is pulling double duty at Blue Inc. and Abby Lane.

No doubt: 2013 will be a delectable year to eat here, too.