Clover Food Lab Heads to the 'Burbs

A healthy post-shopping lunch?

First Harvard Square, then Inman Square ... and now Burlington? The funky, veggie-lovin', decidedly non-pastoral Clover Food Lab is making plans to open in the mallish suburb, land of the Cheesecake Factory, a forthcoming Wegman's, and soon, Bobby Flay, as well as the Burlington Mall. Writes owner Ayr Muir on his website: "There are cool wetlands behind the building, but you can’t get to them really. And there are technically cross-walks, but when I used them I think people were giving me strange looks. I realized step one is going to be accepting what it is and what it’s not."

What it is: the same healthy fare you know and love, located at Burlington Marketplace Shopping Center, conveniently across the street from the mall and Casual Male. B. Good is also located in the same complex, as is Chipotle. "The site was my number one choice in the entire Boston area," he writes. [CFL, BRT]

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