Downtown Crossing's New "Gourmet Walgreens" Will Have Sushi and a Virtual Mixologist

Just begging for wine.

The luxe Walgreens planned for Downtown Crossing won't just have sushi: It will also have a "high-tech" adult beverage area, reports the Herald, complete with a virtual "Beverage Wizard" who will advise patrons on their ideal drinks. Todd Maul, look out!

The Herald says that city officials are calling the place "Gourmet Walgreens" thanks to its juice bar, booze selection, and "prepared foods produced daily and a cafe staffed by a barista," to say nothing of the wine wizard. Of course, there will also be high-end health and beauty products. At last: A store to take you through 24 hours of your day, from lunch to booze to condoms to Advil.

Welcoming Walgreens [Herald]

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