It's Time to Get Fully Committed in Watertown


Now that you've survived the holiday, well, why not cackle over the holiday misfortunes of others? Check out Fully Committed at Watertown's Arsenal Center: It stars Sam, an "actor-slash-reservation clerk at a 4-star Manhattan restaurant" who is just trying to get home to the Midwest for the holidays. While simultaneously being badgered by the high-maintenance chef, the poor chap deals with "uppity demanding New Yorkers including Diane Sawyer, Naomi Campbell’s assistant, Sherry Lansing’s secretary at Paramount Pictures, East Side socialites, and suspected members of the mafia. Sam turns the tables of rejection and resorts to accepting bribes in order to give good table." We can't imagine what restaurant this could possibly be based on! Who would do such a thing?

The show runs until December 30, and tickets can be had by visiting the theater's website. Then maybe head down the street to Strip-T's ... if you can get in, that is. [Arsenal Arts]