Gordon Ramsay Is Too Upscale and Mean for Hull

Not a fan of nachos.

The Patriot Ledger tells the sad story of Barefoot Bob's in Hull, which appeared on Kitchen Nightmares last week: "Ramsay transformed [the] beloved Nantasket Avenue eatery into a faux yacht club and replaced classic menu items like onion rings and nachos with more high-brow selections." Gasp! But the restaurant got its revenge.

Since Ramsay’s overhaul back in May, the owners have gone back to their “funky, tropical” atmosphere and ditched Gordo's fancy menu. The paper reports that it was an "unpleasant" experience for the owners, and at a viewing party on Friday night, faithful customers reported that their haunt was finally "back to normal." Guests also posed with an "unflattering" cut-out of Ramsay (cruel!), and for some reason many customers came dressed as anti-yacht-club archetype Katy Perry.

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