Grub Guide: Where to Get Dreamy Takeout on New Year's Eve

Sichuan Garden: bringing the heat in 2013.

We're planning to remain firmly planted to our sofa this New Year's Eve, watching multiple episodes of Breaking Bad while scarfing delicious things from cartons. While there's certainly something to be said for paying $100 to drunkenly careen across a sticky barroom floor, well, there's also absolutely no shame in hibernating at home with aromatic takeout. For the purposes of integrity—heat, timeliness, etc—we're avoiding delivery. A few of our favorite takeaway spots, ahead. (Just make sure you have a designated driver!)

All-Star Pizza Bar, Inman Square: Having friends over and everyone wants pizza? Yes, we've been there. But why not shock your amigos and order something like, say, an Atomic Meatloaf pizza, drizzled with Inner Beauty Hot Sauce? Finicky diners will find something to enjoy here, though we don't understand why anyone wouldn't love pizza topped with soft-baked eggs and ricotta grits. (Note: That one might not transport easily).

Guru the Caterer, Teele Square: This tiny place thrives on takeout. We consider it some of the finest Indian food in the area, and for a great price, too. Combos (entree, side, tons of rice and naan) ring in at about $10. We like the saag paneer. Call first to confirm their schedule; it's a small family-run place, and they tend to make their own hours.

Sichuan Garden, Brookline: We gravitate toward the "Sichuan Delicacies" section of the menu, where a spicy array can be had for about $6. Try the Triple Delight three-appetizer special for $21, and don't forget the mini pork buns.

S&I; Thai, Allston: This exceptional Thai restaurant has a huge menu and an assortment of offerings under ten bucks— dinner (appetizer, soup, and entree) is 7.95. It actually specializes in takeout, too, so you probably won't end up with a congealed platter of long-forgotten pad thai.

Vinny's At Night, Somerville: The people-watching here is fabulous (we've spied a troupe of orange-maned women become very inebriated and a man dining with a cat, all in the same evening), but the red-sauce takeout is equally good ... better, in fact, since Vinny's shares its space with a small Italian grocery store, giving authentic meaning to "counter service." You will smell like garlic well into 2013, however.

Viva Mi Arepa, West Roxbury: This tiny, homespun Venezuelan restaurant churns out some of the best arepas in the area, plus a stomach-scorching mondongo (tripe) soup. Dinners are served with rice, beans, and salad. Call ahead.