Harvard Square's Tasty Burger, Open Til 4 A.M., Will Become "Flagship Location"

Now in Harvard Square.

Who needs scorpion bowls at the Hong Kong? Tasty Burger officially opened in Harvard Square this weekend, and it plans to set the standard for other future Tasty Burgers with late hours, cheapo student deals, and a whopping two stories of proteinic pandemonium at 40 JFK St. Some of the notable features, ahead.

1. Not one but two touch-screen Coke machines, with 100 soda flavors. A confusing delight at 3 in the morning, we're sure.

2. A $10 Starvin’ Student deal that comes with a hamburger, beer, and fries.

3. They're open on Sundays, unlike Mr. Bartley's down the block.

4. They're open until 4 a.m., unlike basically everywhere.

5. There is a downstairs bar with more than 40 microbrews on offer.

6. It is housed in a former 7-11.

What more can we say? “What the owners hope to do is make this the flagship location for future success,” GM Andrew Markey told the Crimson. Which means we can expect more 4 a.m. Kahuna burgers at other locations, it seems. Yep, this is a tiny bit more exciting than Harvard Square's flagship Panera.

But what of Bartley's? Will the massive new Tasty affect their business? Is there room for another burger palace in Harvard Square? Will Tasty Burger be forced to name a burger after Guy Fieri, too?

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