Bloody Hell: London Might Outlaw Rare Burgers

An endangered species?

We can't believe we're typing these words, but London's Westminster City Council wants to crack down on restaurants serving rare and medium-rare burgers. The London Evening Standard reports that authorities have even enlisted the United Kingdom's top expert on E. coli (really), Professor Hugh Pennington, to advise on the lethality of rare meat — and things look grim.

The case started with a routine health inspection at central London's Davy’s, which serves rare and medium-rare burgers (for £13.95, if you please). Fearing backlash, the restaurant has taken the case to the High Court, and the outcome actually could set a legal precedent for undercooked protein. If the Brits do decide to crack down, it will affect British chefs who play fast and loose with their meat, and it surely spells doom for Londoners who favor juicy burgers.

Chefs even worry that it could "destroy the burger industry." The executive chef for the bluntly named, very popular Burger and Lobster chain puts it thus: "[Y]ou’re opening a Pandora’s box, because where do you finish? Steak tartare, runny eggs … the list is endless.”

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