No Profits for You? UFood Files for Bankruptcy


While fast-food chains across the country attempt to innovate their offerings by pumping pizza crusts full of oddities and concocting desperate bizarre hybrids (Dorito tacos, anyone?), one thing seems clear: Healthy fast-food isn't the wave of the future. Virtuous un-fast-food purveyor UFood has filed for bankruptcy, reports the Boston Business Journal. People don't want baked un-fries and steamed un-burgers; we just want 'em topped, stuffed, and smothered with weird things.

While some of their restaurants continue to be successful, the BBJ reports that unprofitable locations in Watertown (previously called KnowFat Lifestyle Grille) and the Fenway area might be shuttered. "[Franchising visionary George] Naddaff’s quirky brand of healthy fast food didn’t catch on as quickly as he hoped," they report. At least we still have Fish McBites. Maybe they'd go nicely atop baked fries?

Changes coming for UFood Restaurant Group following its bankruptcy filing [BBJ]

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