Here's What Looks Delicious on the Sinclair's Menu

Not on the menu.

The other day we caught Sinclair overlord Michael Schlow Tweeting photos of his new dishes at the Sinclair, and now Eater offers a glimpse of their menu. Of course, the Sinclair is also a music venue, not simply a restaurant, so the dishes need to please a variety of (possibly drunk, possibly distracted) palates. Which is why we're issuing special credit to Schlow and Chef Marcelius Coleman for serving a jar of creamy chicken liver puree. No, really.

Pastrami pork belly sliders also make an appearance, as does grilled octopus. Main dishes are fairly standard (burgers, roasted chicken, chicken stew, you know), but a small plate of "disco" fries with poblano, chorizo, and cheese sauce seems appropriately frisky.

They're open for concert-ticket-holders now and will soon (soon!) open for actual dinner.

Presenting the Menu at the Sinclair [EB]
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