Dum Dums: Soda and Candy ‘May Reduce Brain Function’

Gain pounds, lose IQ points! Photo: istockphoto

Put down those Christmas cookies immediately: New research from UCLA concludes that consuming soda, candy, and sugary snacks for just six weeks could render you dumb, reports CBS. Apparently, in addition to causing things like obesity and diabetes, fructose slows cognitive functions, altering the "brain's ability to learn and remember information." This sounds like something we might have expected after, say, five eggnogs. But now Coke and Tootsie pops, too?

The study was first conducted on rats, who couldn't find their way out of a maze after being pumped full of sweets, which actually sounds like a metaphor for a sad cubicle office party. If you do think you'll need Coke and Snickers to make it through the holidays, or if you're a candy-obsessed Ukrainian, fear not. Researchers say that sugar fiends should eat foods "rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, walnuts and flaxseeds or take one gram of DHA per day" to counteract the fructose's effects. In other words, stop hoarding Twinkies and start stocking up on candied salmon.

Need Your Brain? This Food Can Make You Dumber [CBS]

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