Ana Sortun Will Remake the Paddock, But Will We Get a Seat?

Ana Sortun: Somerville-bound.

Huzzah! Ana Sortun, she of the unimpeachable spinach falafel at Oleana and succulent baked treats at Sofra, has announced plans to open a restaurant in Somerville. Chowder says she'll take over The Paddock at 249 Pearl St. We have just two questions.

Will the prices be cheaper than at Oleana? We'd eat there daily if we could afford it. And will we be able to get a seat more easily than at Sofra? On the money question, Chowder reports that prices will be "fit for the neighborhood," so we take it to mean that this won't be a special-occasion place. And as for the seating, Eater says that the space will be "amazing," which hopefully means we won't need to throw elbows to cram onto a tiny sofa, a la Sofra. [Chowder, EB]