The Washington Post Discovers Somerville, Sort Of


There's a food revolution going on in Somerville, says the Washington Post. (Maybe they saw our slideshow last week?) Anyway, their focus is on Taza chocolates, where here they "pop up on menus all around: with wine dinners, in pancakes, hot drinks, ice cream, brownies, pies, even a flourless salted caramel mousse. The rumor among food bloggers is that Taza inspired, or is making, Trader Joe’s new stone-milled extra-dark and salt-and-pepper dark wheels." Oh really?

Also note: "Somerville brims with sensational small bites." Unfortunately, their writer chose to namecheck only the Independent (a "neo-tavern," apparently) and True Bistro ("sumptuous vegetable dishes in once-desolate Teele Square"), though Journeyman does get a shout. Maybe they didn't read our slideshow after all. [WaPo]

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