Staff Meal to Go Brick 'n Mortar [Updated]?

Peking pig's head, Staff Meal-style.

Our wildest dreams just might come true: Staff Meal, home of the most insane burrito on Earth, writes this juicy gem on their Facebook page: "Brick and mortaring it is. Taking the truck off the streets for the Winter. Exciting new (indoor) developments coming soon! Stay tuned." Uh, yes, we'll certainly "stay tuned." And you should, too. Update: Owner Adam Gendreau tells us that "we have a lot of offers from people coming up, giving us their restaurant space to pop-up in, and we're looking for more permanent housing because the seasonality of the business is killing us." So, yes, a year-round Staff Meal is in the works. In the meantime, they'll be at Toro on Thursday, December 13, for a pop-up. First come, first served.