Your Tap Water Might Be Giving You Food Allergies

Refreshing, and lethal. Photo: istockphoto

Noooo. First peanuts, then gluten, and now tap water is killing us, too. According to research from New York's Albert Einstein College of Medicine, pesticides lurking in our perfectly tasty, really rather cheap tap water can be linked to food and environmental allergies that might cause tongue-tingling, hives, and even death. Oh, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Per CBS news:

Researchers analyzed more than 10,000 Americans who were part of an ongoing U.S. survey of health and nutrition. They analyzed their urine levels and found more than 2,200 patients had measurable levels of dichlorophenols in their urine. That's a chemical used in pesticides and weedkillers, which is also used to chlorinate drinking water.

The researchers reported of those with measurable levels of dichlorophenols, 411 people had a food allergy and more than 1,000 had an environmental allergy, such as to pollen. People with the highest levels of the chemicals in their urine were more likely to have an allergy than those with the lower levels.

Doctors thoughtfully suggest eating pesticide-free fruits and vegetables because switching from tap to bottled water probably isn't enough to stem the effects. Or just do the usual and blame your parents, because the allergies and exposure to tap water started in the womb and probably continued throughout childhood.

"There is enough evidence for concern and certainly to further examine the issue," researchers say. Translation: There's probably no need to pay extra for bottled water because it's probably already too late for us all.

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