TCBY Is Back, Y'All

Swirlin' to the top.

Hey, remember TCBY, the 1990s-era chain that made frozen yogurt cool and then seemed to melt into obscurity, only to be replaced by Pinkberry, Berryline, and Tasti D-Lite? Well, it's back! The Globe reports that the chain, apparently seizing on the renewed popularity of faux- and fro-yo, will begin opening new shops here in March.

These TCBYs will be self-serve, so you can ladle your creation with as many luscious and bizarre-o toppings combinations as you desire. "It's about the theater," notes one industry expert. But can good ol' TC's compete with the Berries (Line, Pink, etc.)? Or will they lick the competition? "We’re not mixing in the back room with powder and milk," one TCBY exec sniffs. It's on.

TCBY will try again in Massachusetts [Globe]

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