Eat Like a Viking in the Dead of Winter, Wear a Viking Helmet

You could party with this guy!

Here's a reason to emerge from your post-holiday stupor and maybe even put on pants: Trolls! No, not the angry waitress at your local diner—actual trolls. Scandinavian gnomes, too. Are you intrigued yet? Gorge upon fish, oats, grains, oysters, game, lamb, ham, turkey, cheese, overwintered fruits and roots at a Scandinavian "Once in Valhalla" 10-course feast at Somerville's Center for Arts at the Armory on January 25. It does sound rather epic, and helmets are involved.

In true Nordic tradition, you will enjoy all the meat you can eat while surrounded by the aforementioned trolls and gnomes, which sounds somewhat like our recent Thanksgiving dinner, although this meal also offers free-flowing local beer and "ancient music." Important note: You are encouraged to wear viking helmets along with your finest Scandinavian attire, which can be purchased for a discount by January 1 right here, assuming you buy tix to the feast and assuming you don't already own Viking attire (what's wrong with you?).

On that note, learn more/get seats/find your Scandinavian trollmate-soulmate right here at Cuisine en Locale.