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Study: Half the World’s Food Gets Thrown Away

That pear looks perfectly edible.Photo: iStock Photo

Here's your depressing statistic of the week: 30 to 50 percent of the world's food is wasted each year, amounting to some 2 billion metric tons of grain, vegetables, and meat thrown in the garbage. These numbers come from a new study by the British Institution of Mechanical Engineers, reported on this week in the Guardian. In the First World, the primary reason for food waste is consumers' tastes for unblemished produce and retail guidelines that enforce overly conservative sell-by dates. In the developing world, food is thrown out mainly owing to spoilage, which could be helped by improved infrastructure and distribution systems. But basically, people wouldn't be going hungry if more were being done to keep good food out of the trash bin, and the world is dumb. The end. [Guardian UK, CNN]

Bogie's Place Opens Monday; Flour 4 Opened Today

Downtown: Bogie's Place, the windowless steakhouse inside JM Curley, opens on Monday. No cell phones allowed. [UD]

Back Bay: Flour 4 from Joanne Chang has finally thrown open its doors in the old Hard Rock Cafe space. [Twitter/JBChang, Earlier]

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Learn How to Hand-Pull Noodles With Guru Gene Wu

Gene's Chinese Flatbread, hidden down a lonesome road in Chelmsford, is one of the very few purveyors of X'ian cuisine in the New England area (if only we had a Xian Famous Foods!). There you'll find savory noodle soups, flatbread, and his hallmark: ribbony hand-stretched noodles, which usually sell out every weekend. The affable Gene himself shows off his noodle-pulling skills next week as part of the Lowell Folk Life Series.

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Restaurant Owner Gives an Anti-Gay Letter to Lesbian Customers

McGovern's letter.Photo: WCTI NewsChannel 12

As Ariel and Shawnee McPhail, an openly lesbian couple, strolled out of North Carolina's the Stingray Café, the restaurant's owner rushed toward them and handed them a letter. Ed McGovern's note, signed by "The Love of Christ," said that God opposed homosexuality and that the women's "unnatural" affection hurt everyone around them. In the letter, McGovern also revealed that his own daughter's lesbianism destroyed her life.

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McDonald’s in Australia Sprays Thieves With DNA Cocktail


Macca's, which is what people call the fast-food chain Down Under, announced it will expand the use of the crime deterrent SelectaDNA spray in stores around the country in 2013, the Morning Herald reports. The company does not disclose how their crime-fighting, ceramic-based "synthetic" DNA cocktail is made, but no matter! Here's how it works.

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Peanut Allergies Defeated With ‘Peanut Therapy’

It may be possible to reverse the potentially deadly effects of peanut allergies, a new study backed by the National Institutes of Health suggests — that is, if you're willing to take an enormous risk and put in the time. Forty subjects at five hospitals were given trace amounts of peanut protein under the tongue — an initial "1:20,000,000 weight/volume dilution," notes the Atlantic — which was then increased incrementally over a period of 68 weeks. Most participants just developed "itchy mouth" as the dose got nuttier; pretty much none of them went into anaphylactic shock. Weirdly, three of twenty patients treated with the placebo went on to "spontaneous tolerance development," which means those folks may be well on their way to reuniting with their old friend Mr. Peanut. Fascinating stuff, this is, but don't try it at home. [Atlantic]

Bobby Flay Sets a Burlington Date for His Burger Palace

Mr. Flay

The burgeoning culinary mecca of Burlington has a new resident: Bobby Flay. He'll open 72-seat Bobby's Burger Palace on January 27, Zagat reports.

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