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With Such Name as Nevermore

Fickle Pats fans don't want to drink at the Mad Raven in Waltham since it reminds them of, ahem, the loathsome Baltimore Ravens. So owner Mark McAuliffe will switch the name to the Mad Patriot. He'll also switch the Raven's Nest in Walpole, which he also owns, to the Patriot's Nest. According to the Herald, barflies told him they wouldn't "go near" the bars otherwise. He'll change the name back if the Ravens win the AFC Championship on Sunday (and at least he won't be blamed for it). He'll keep the new name as long as the Pats stay in the playoffs. [Herald]

Staff Meal Truck Mates With Daddy Jones Bar for Pork-Fest

Staff Meal Truck, on the prowl for a permanent home, has announced a pop-up with new Magoun Square restaurant Daddy Jones, featuring four porcine courses. Also included in the meal: a quaff of Plymouth gin. Sound enticing? Read on.

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In China, You Can Make Money for Reporting a Food-Safety-Law Violator

Want to earn a quick 300,000 yuan ($48,200)? China is giving out cash prizes to people who turn in food-safety-law violators. The most common offenses to look out for are fake eggs, chemical-laced milk, and cooking oil that's recycled from drains. But recently, KFC's parent company, Yum Brands Inc., got into big trouble because its chicken contained excess amounts of antiviral drugs and hormones used to accelerate growth. The Chinese government's now cracking down, and it knows the power of bribery. [Reuters]

Meat Your Maker's Mark: Steak Restaurant Within a Restaurant Opens

Wedge yourself into a micro-steakhouse.Photo: BostonInno

A tiny steak restaurant, Bogie's Place, opened last night in the back lounge of Downtown Crossing favorite jm Curley. Bogie’s Place features a swank selection of classics like the wedge salad, New York strip, and baked potato. Sip a sidecar or an old-fashioned with your steak and potatoes, but play by the rules.

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Enraged Man Breaks Table, Wine Bottle at Cambridge Restaurant

Wicked Local reports that a Cambridge man was arrested at an unnamed Cambridge Street restaurant for breaking a table, plates, glasses, and a wine bottle during a feud. The disgruntled diner, Eric Small, then ran out of the restaurant. Preciously, he confessed to arresting officers that he ran away because he's on $5,000 bail and "couldn’t get arrested for a fight."

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Here Is Coca-Cola’s First Anti-Obesity Ad, ‘Coming Together’ [Update: Bittman Weighs In]

For the first time in history, Coca-Cola is acknowledging the perverse connection between soda and "the long-term health of our families" (corporate-speak for "pop makes you fat"). Now a new two-minute commercial makes the case that the company is a partner in our fight against obesity: Out of 650 Coca-Cola beverages, 180 are low- and no-calorie choices; portion-controlled sizes will be stocked in 90 percent of the country by the end of this year; beverage calories in schools are steadily reducing; Coke is working with scientists to find zero-calorie sweeteners, miracle berries, etc, etc. It's fine that Coca-Cola is addressing this issue head-on, but the safety of all those artificial sweetners is still questionable — low-cal or not.

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Grubstreet Sweeps

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