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Orange Wine Already Over, Say Two Wine Writers

A spectrum of orange wine.Photo: Ceri Smith/Biondivino

Despite the fact that most of your friends, and possibly even you, have not yet heard of orange wine, two people this week have penned pieces cutting it down and declaring the trend over. Writing for Forbes, Richard Betts declares that Tecate is a superior beverage to orange wine, quoting a friend who calls them "the Kardashians of wine," and lamenting that he "look[s] forward to the faddish / cultish following they’ve engendered in certain wine circles waning." (You'll recall that as far as pop-culture comparisons go, Grub Street thinks the wine is more akin to Bon Iver than the Kardashians.) The San Francisco Chronicle's Jon Bonné, who was one of the first American wine geeks to write about orange wine back in 2009, concurs.

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Alex Crabb's Asta Opens on Tuesday

Bright!Photo: UD/Melissa Ostrow

Delightful! The much-anticipated Asta will soft-open early next week, reports Urban Daddy. You can choose from three-, five- or eight-courses. Sorry, can't get away with just one.

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Dumpling Wishes and Eel Burger Dreams

Tony Maws tweets "And don't even begin to talk about me going to NYC! I'll leave that to @kenoringer @ @Jamiebiss, who I'm sure will kill it." Relief! We'd hate to see you go, Tony. (Ken Oringer's Toro should open pronto.) On the other hand, he did tell Grub Street that we "got him thinking" when we casually suggested that he open his own restaurant in Chinatown, a neighborhood he loves. Hmm. [Twitter/TMaws, Earlier]

Crafty English People Will Convert Horse Burgers Into Cozy Home Heating

Because food-safety authorities in the U.K. would have a hard time trying to figure out which burgers among the 10,000 frozen patties spread out across inventory at seven chain supermarkets contain trace amounts of horse DNA and which ones are actually 29 percent equine — not to mention which ones are unadulterated, old-fashioned beef — a decision has been made to convert the horsemeat of the apocalypse into energy at anaerobic digestion plants. Earlier this week, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland announced it had found varying amounts of horse and pig DNA in Tesco's line of frozen (and ostensibly) beef hamburgers; up to 10 million burgers may be affected by the recall. [Guardian UK via Daily Meal, Earlier]

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey Takes Back That Whole ‘Fascism’ Thing

This man sure knows his world history.

Oops! Turns out that while Whole Foods co-CEO John Mackey stands by his political beliefs, he says he probably shouldn't have called the Affordable Care Act a form of "fascism," NPR reports. "Well, I think that was a bad choice of words," he says. And now he's working the apology circuit, also appearing on the "Brian Lehrer Show" in full-on retraction mode. "I realized that word has so much baggage associated with it, from World War II, with Germany and Italy and Spain," he explains. "That's just a very provocative word, so I regret using it." [NPR, Earlier]

A Dim Sum Shangri-La ... in Belmont

Juicy pork buns.Photo: Serious Eats/Liz Bomze

Some of Boston's best Chinese restaurants are tucked into the 'burbs, and one of the best is Shangri-La in Belmont. Serious Eats, stopping in for their weekend Taiwanese dim sum brunch, concurs: "The menu is vast: everything from pig ear salad, to crispy shao bing, to fried chitterlings, to popular xiao long bao (soup dumplings)." Not to mention, parking is way easier than in Chinatown. And just like that, we've made our Sunday plans. [SE]

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