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Malden's Amazing Biryani Park Will Launch a Boston Food Truck

One of the only spots in the area to enjoy luscious, vegan-friendly Sri Lankan fare (plus very good Indian food, too) will launch a food truck, which is delightful news for anyone who finds it inconvenient to trek all the way to over to Malden for lamprais and roti.

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Guy Fieri to Open Winery and Event Space in Sonoma

Guy Fieri, who grew up in rural Humboldt County, California and opened his first restaurant in Sonoma in 1996 before becoming a TV celebrity, is now branching out into the wine business. A year ago he bought a piece of property in Santa Rosa with five acres of vineyard on it, and as the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat reports, he's planning to attach a public tasting room to an existing house (lately used as a crash pad for his friends), and use the place for wine-related events throughout the year. Whether the labels on his estate wines will have his spiky-haired mug on them, and whether they'll be called Pimpin' Pinot and Rockin' Rosé, remains to be seen.

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Chris Cosentino Believes In the Circle of Life

"An egg is the beginning of life, oysters are all-encompassing, and blood is stuff of life. It’s a very powerful, personal dish with a lot of meaning." —The Top Chef Masters winner on his "last meal" dish of blood sausage, oysters, and duck egg. He sometimes serves it at his San Francisco restaurant, Incanto. [First We Feast]

Joanne Chang Is Getting Queries From Displaced Hostess Employees

Apparently Hostess refugees all the way from Memphis are clamoring to work for Ms. Chang: "Just got employment inquiry frm someone in Memphis who used to work for Hostess/Wonder Bread. Wonder how many unemployed bakers r out there," she Tweets. Ah yes, a foolproof way to make Flour's lines even longer: Twinkies! [Twitter/JBChang]

There's Actually Going To Be A Little Kids Cooking Show

Look out, Ms. Cleo. Last week, we pleaded for some unscrupulous network to just get it all over with and turn L.A.'s emerging trend of little kid chefs into another dispensable reality show. Now, Eater L.A. is reporting just such a thing is really, actually going to happen. Junior MasterChef, a U.S. version of an existing U.K. and Aussie show, is currently looking for kids eight to thirteen years old with a passion for cooking, with the additional squeam-inducing request for parents to "bring out that inner pushy stage mum and help your kid try out." One has to wonder if this kind of thing is really necessary. After all, hasn't Guy Fieri already been impersonating a rambunctious thirteen-year-old for years? [Eater]

Ladies, Hang on to Your Frozen Lunches and Your Wallet at Trader Joe's

Swank Coolidge Corner has become a hotbed of crime! Fresh off a drug buy gone awry at Peet's, the normally peaceful 'hood is now home to pickpocketers frequenting Trader Joe's. Customers were harassed late last week by a duo of robbers, who then used their bounty to shop at Target. Universal Hub reports on their remarkably unsophisticated technique.

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Waiter Risks His Job to Defend a Special-Needs Child

Michael Garcia at Laurenzo’s Prime Rib in Houston.

When Michael Garcia overhead a regular insult a 5-year-old customer with Down syndrome at Laurenzo’s Prime Rib in Houston, he didn't stay quiet. "My personal feelings just took over,” he told KTRK. “And I told this man, 'I'm sorry, I can't serve you.'" As the boy chatted with his family and the restaurant staff about his recent birthday, a group of customers at a nearby table got up and moved to the back of the restaurant. After Garcia overheard one patron say, "Special needs children need to be special somewhere else," he flat-out refused to serve the table, and the customers promptly left the restaurant. Someone give this man a raise. [NYDN]

Michael Phelps Loves Boston, But Thinks Pizza Delivery Takes Way Too Long

Treated like the hoi polloi.

The Olympian swung through town this weekend and offered the following opinion: "Love Boston.... Amazing... @julepbar was awesome... But one thing that was upsetting was we tried to order pizza from @pizzaring said they said it takes over an hour..."

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Unsuccessful Starbucks Robber Leaves Store With Coffee

"Please leave room for milk."

Police say a Huntsville, Alabama man entered a Starbucks bright and early yesterday morning and demanded cash from the nearest barista, who regretfully informed him that the register drawer was stuck and would not open. Robber Phillip Sawdey was offered a coffee instead. Police arrested him in the parking lot, drink in hand. Sawdey was charged with venti larceny, though the charges will likely be dropped to "grande" in court. [WHNT]

Padma Leash Me Makes Her Debut on SNL’s ‘Top Dog Chef’

Saturday Night Live spoofed Top Chef this weekend by turning the show's cast into puppies. Tom Collie-cio ordered the contestants to make a dish out of ingredients from a torn-open garbage bag. The challenge's obstacle? A ringing doorbell at random intervals. Host Jennifer Lawrence put her Golden Globe–award-winning acting chops to good use by playing a dog who puts "a whisper of urine" on top of her brunch dish. Mario Barktali loved it.

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