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Make Your Eggs Look Extra Cutesy

This $12 egg shaper will separate the yolk from the white and elevate your breakfast to Zooey Deschanel–levels of adorable. And with a pinch of salt, your eggs can produce snow. It's so cute that it makes it maybe-almost-still-not-okay for you to photograph your food. [BookOfJoe]

Staff Meal Is Now Rising Sun Tavern; The Sun Sets on Sel de la Terre

In today's edition of good news/bad news, we'll bring you the good news first. Even though Staff Meal has sold off its truck, it has begun a series of weekend pop-up engagements at District (180 Lincoln St.) under the name Rising Sun Tavern. "The name speaks to the east meets west style of food that we’ve settled on doing. The original idea was to call ourselves Super Fusion, which we came up with while eating at Super Fusion, but that idea never left the building," they write on their new website, coincidentally called Rising Sun Tavern. Ever on-trend, they're doing a series of ramen pop-ups with Guchi's Mark O’Leary. More ramen! Check their page for schedules and dates.

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Jolting News: Caffeinated Maple Syrup Is a Real Thing

Put it in your coffee!

"Natural maple flavor," caffeine, butter flavoring, and invert sugar are just four of the ingredients that make up the unholiest of breakfast condiments, Wired Wyatt's Caffeinated Syrup, which retails online for $12.99 per bottle, or essentially, $1.85 per ounce. Sure, you could get by with a few crushed-up Vivarins, a family-size jug of Aunt Jemima Butter Rich, and a balloon whisk, but the whole point of using Wired Wyatt's — with its tweaky label emblazoned with the words "all-natural" and "energy" and Doug Funnie-on-steroids caricature — is to announce to the world that you absolutely adore caffeine. This seems to be something of a trend.

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Szechuan's Dumpling Is About Two Weeks Away

Dumplings!Photo: John Waller/Patch

Arlington is about to get its very own dumpling hut. A poster on Chowhound, who spoke to the owner, reports that SD will open within the next couple of weeks. It'll be located at the former greasy Chinese palace Jade Garden, at 1360 Mass Ave. Signage is up, which is a good sign. [Patch, CH]

Whopper Lover’s Funeral Procession Takes a Trip Through Burger King’s Drive-through

From Burger King to Kingdom Come

We can thank Taco Bell for giving us “Fourth Meal,” and “First Meal,” but it looks like credit for “Last Meal” goes to Burger King. This past weekend, the funeral procession for 88-year-old Whopper lover David S. Kime Jr. passed through the local Burger King drive-through on the way to the cemetery.

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Friendly's Introduces Fribbles With Actual Ice Cream, Rechristens Waiters "Memory-Makers"

Crafted by a scoopologist.Photo: Photo: istockphoto

Shocking: Friendly's, where "ice cream makes the meal," actually didn't use ice cream in its Fribble shakes. But, as part of its ongoing attempts at reinvention, it's resorting to using actual dairy in its signature drink. (Does this mean they've abandoned plans to incorporate health foods into the menu?) Reports MassLive: "It’s part of a makeover that includes retro signs in redecorated restaurants, burgers that customers can order with a little pink in the middle, haddock instead of cheaper pollock in the Fishamajig and crooner Michael Buble piped in on the sound system." We should note that McDonald's made headlines last week touting their pollack-filled Fillet-o-Fish. And do they have easy-listening crooners piped into the drive-through window? We think not.

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Amherst Restaurants Say UMASS Lures Patrons Away, Downtown "Devastated"

A dining hall dilemma.

Odd, since the food at UMASS hasn't always been gourmet. However, the Daily Hampshire Gazette reports that Amherst restaurants say that the university is "undercutting" their business. Oh no! No more Bueno Y Sano? No more Judie's popovers?

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