Amherst Restaurants Say UMASS Lures Patrons Away, Downtown "Devastated"

A dining hall dilemma.

Odd, since the food at UMASS hasn't always been gourmet. However, the Daily Hampshire Gazette reports that Amherst restaurants say that the university is "undercutting" their business. Oh no! No more Bueno Y Sano? No more Judie's popovers?

Basically, alumni are given free food when they return to campus. A new on-campus service offers chicken wing and pizza deliveries at low prices. And on-campus events are required to use university catering. UMASS has hired Ken Toong to turn around the campus dining options; he's been honored nationally for his sustainability and nutrition initiatives.

Restauteurs throughout town, including enraged owners of White Hut, the Hangar, and Amherst Brewing Co., worry that too many hungry dorm-bound students ordering convenient wings won't bode well for their financial health. UMASS says it wants to work with the town to smooth things over. And, as long as they fail to offer delivery calzones and burritos and lack on-campus bars, well, hopefully everything will work out for the best. [DHG]