New Study: Binge Eaters Combine Strange Foods, Then Hate Themselves

A Doritos taco. Photo: Zombiete via Flickr

Okay, so maybe Taco Bell is onto something with those Doritos tacos. According to a new study from the University of Alabama, the growing practice of secretive "food concocting" — that is, mixing gross shit with other gross shit and eating it — is common among binge eaters. The study, soon to appear in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, states that bingers often secretly create "concoctions" like frozen vegetables mixed with mayonnaise and mashed potatoes layered with Oreo cookies, then feel shame and "disgust."

According to the study, a vast majority of people feel "excited" and "anxious" during the concocting process. "While they are food concocting and binge eating they report being excited, in a frenzy, and high, but afterwards they feel awful about themselves," reveals one researcher, who could have saved months of work and just observed us last time we ordered hot-dog-stuffed crusts at Pizza Hut chased with a KFC Double-Down. Also, mashed potatoes mixed with Oreos don't sound all that bad.

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