Bogie's Place Opens Monday; Flour 4 Opened Today


Downtown: Bogie's Place, the windowless steakhouse inside JM Curley, opens on Monday. No cell phones allowed. [UD]

Back Bay: Flour 4 from Joanne Chang has finally thrown open its doors in the old Hard Rock Cafe space. [Twitter/JBChang, Earlier]

North End: Nick Varano's Famous Deli is getting a makeover and a name change, since the old name and concept "weren't working." Famously, Varano also owns Strega and Nico. [BRT]

Central Square: Goth/New Wave/BDSM lair Man Ray might return to the scene with a bar and restaurant. [Cambridge Day]

Somerville: Dosa Temple will henceforth be known as Dosa and Curry, modifying its menu from strictly Southern Indian to include Northern Indian fare and, oddly, pizza. [EB]

South End: Boston Chops aims for an early February opening. [Earlier]

Hong Kong: Toro's Jamie Bissonnette has a really big appetite. [Earlier]

North End: Prezza, felled by a fire, has reopened. [Earlier]

Mystery Location: Staff Meal is selling its truck and sussing out brick-and-mortar locales. [Earlier]